“My deep felt thanks to those of you who have put your faith in me with your endorsements.”


Dan Eckstrom joins Steele for Senate as Campaign Chairman

“The Honorable Dan Eckstrom, Former Chairman of the Pima County Board of Supervisors and Mayor of South Tucson, has graciously agreed to be my Campaign Chairman. His guidance has made the difference in each of my campaigns for the State Legislature.”

– Victoria Steele

Organizational Endorsements

“Victoria has demonstrated leadership skills of great value to the Arizona Legislature. She will continue that fine quality when we return her to the Senate in 2020.”

-John Yoakum

U.S. House of Representatives

Raul Grijalva – U.S. Representative

Ann Kirkpatrick – U.S. Representative

Ron Barber – Former U.S. Representative

Dennis DeConcini – Former U.S. Senator

Victoria has been a tireless fighter for Southern Arizona. As a career educator, her support for our kids and the schools they attend is of special importance to me. I am proud to endorse her re-election.

-Rex Scott

Arizona State Senate

David Bradley – Senate Minority Leader

Lupe Contreras – Senate Assistant Minority Leader

Lisa Otondo – Senate Minority Co-Whip

Jamescita Peshlakai – Senate Minority Co-Whip

Lela Alston – State Senator

Sean Bowie – State Senator

Andrea Dalessandro – State Senator

Sally Ann Gonzales – State Senator

Juan Mendez – State Senator

Tony Navarrete – State Senator

Martín Quezada – State Senator

Rebecca Rios – State Senator

Patricia Fleming – Former State Senator

Victor Soltero – Former State Senator

I like her work and the policies she supports. Additionally I am proud that she is a Native American legislator.

-Bill Risner

Arizona House of Representatives

Charlene Fernandez – House Minority Leader

Dr. Randall Friese – House Assistant Minority Leader

Andres Cano – State Representative

Kirsten Engel – State Representative

Rosanna Galbaldon – State Representative

Daniel Hernandez, Jr. – State Representative

Jennifer Jermaine – State Representative

Pamela Powers Hannley – State Representative

Athena Salman – State Representative

Raquel Terán – State Representative

Matt Heinz – Former State Representative

Matt Kopec – Former State Representative

Herschella Horton – Former State Representative

Tom Prezelski – Former State Representative

Bruce Wheeler – Former State Representative

“Outstanding legislator.”

-Ann Markewitz

“One tireless worker for our district and state. Experienced and Knowledgeable.”

-Harvey Akeson

Pima County Board of Supervisors

Richard Elias – Pima County Board Chairman

Sharon Bronson – Pima County Supervisor

Ramon Valadez – Pima County Supervisor

Dan Eckstrom – Former Pima County Board Chairman & Campaign Chairman

Her values are my values. I think she’s doing a terrific job and should be given a chance to continue.

-Jessica Andrews

Pima County Attorney’s Office

Barbara LaWall – Pima County Attorney

“I am very happy to support Victoria. Her commitment has never varied. Her talents and positions are needed.”

-Steve Leal, Former Councilman, Vice Mayor, City of Tucson

Tucson City Council

Jonathan Rothschild – Former Tucson Mayor

Regina Romero – Mayor Elect

Paul Cunningham – Tucson Council Member

Lane Santa Cruz – Tucson Council Member

Richard Fimbres – Tucson Council Member

Nikki Lee – Tucson Council Member

Steve Kozachik – Tucson Council Member

Shirley Scott – Tucson Council Member

Nina Trasoff – Former Tucson Council Member

Karen Uhlich – Former Tucson Council Member

Victoria Steele knows what it takes to get it done and she does it. She represents the people and works well with the other legislators.

-Dorianna Peterson

South Tucson City Council

Jennifer Eckstrom – Former South Tucson Mayor

Mary Soltero – Former South Tucson City Council Member

I first met Victoria a week ago and was overwhelmingly impressed by her gracious attentiveness and knowledge of the issues facing our state. The legislation she introduces and supports reflect my personal values completely. I am honored that she is my state Senator.

-Julian P Donahue

Sunnyside Unified School District

Eva Carrillo Dong – Governing Board Member

She is very Smart, Honest and she keeps her word. She has vision, integrity and a good understanding of what government can, and should do.

-Elaine and Bob Clark

Tucson Unified School District

Kristel Ann Foster – Governing Board Member

Adelita Grijalva – Governing Board President

She has been a hard working, compassionate, and thoughtful advocate for social justice and a fairer Arizona.

-Eric Schindler

Individual Endorsements

Dan Eckstrom – Campaign Chairman

Karen McGarrity – Campaign Manager

Ed Dunin-Wasowicz – Campaign Communications Director

Steven Dudick, MD – Campaign Field Director

Jessica Andrews

Jennifer Aviles

Nancy & Ron Barber

Robert & Donna Beers

Evalyn & Leon Bennet-Alder

Brian Bickel

Nicholas Boynton-Steele

Roberta Brack

Andrew Broan

Robert Bulechek

Barbara Cain

Elizabeth K Campbell

Loomis Carleton

Monica Casper

Gabriella Cázares-Kelly – Indivisible Tohono

Elaine & Bob Clark

Brian & Patty Clymer

Michelle Crow

Edward Curley

Victor & Janet Daub

Dino & Elizabeth Murfee DeConcini

Connie DeLarge

Elsa DeWitt

Susan Dodd

Bob Dorson

Mary Duffield

Damien Dunin-Wasowicz

Jeremy Dunin-Wasowicz

Frances Erunez

Joy Fisher

Marisol Flores-Aguirre

Ken & Marilyn Freed

Rene Friedkin

Vicki & Tommy Gee

Tricia Gerrodette

Louise Good

Roxanna Green

Mary Gresham

Ramona & Raul Grijalva

Victoria Hadd – Wissler

Elizabeth & Tony Hartley Nicoletti

Arthur Herbst

Liane Hernandez

Diana Herz

Wendell Hicks

Penelope Jacks

Joni & Gary Jones

Don Jorgensen

Alex Kack – Green Shirt Guy

Kim Khoury

Marvin & Mary Kirchler

Laura Klass

William Kreisel

Jeremy Lasher

Nikki Lee

Paul & Karen LeSage

Jan Lesher

Steven Linder

Roxie Lopez

Ann Markewitz

David John Madden

Ronnie Maestas-Condos

Dr. Michele Manos

Barbara Matteson

Felicia May

Linda Mazon Guiterrez

Gail Covington McBride

Molly McGovern

Christina McVie

Luci Messing

Elizabeth Murfee

Stephen Murray

Connie Nine

Jim Notestine

Dominic & Myriam Ortega

Dorianna Peterson

Linda Peterson-Vargas

Christina Phillips

Stephen T. Portel

Adam Ragan

John Rantschler

Matthew Rein

Chesney Richter

Bill Risner

Jeffrey Rogers

Gordon Rutman

Joel Sadowsky

Joan & David Safier

Rudy Saldivar

Lane Santa Cruz

LeeAnne Savage

Nathaniel Sigal

Rex Scott

Eric Schindler

Catherine Sharp

Robb Smith

Victor Soltero

Regina Suitt

Cynthia Tig Gardiner

Jeanne Tillemans

Rick Unklesbay

Mercy Valencia

Gary Vender

Donald Wallace

Barbara Warren

Barbara Wayne

Joan Weimer

PK Weis

Carol West

Pat Wiedhopf

Diane & John Wilson

Craig Wissler

Leisy Wyman

John Yoakum

Jimmy Zuma & Suzanne Bond

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