Victoria Steele is running as a candidate for Arizona State Senate in Legislative District 9. She is a twice-elected former Democratic member of the Arizona House of Representatives, serving from 2013 – 2016.

She holds a master’s degree in Counseling/Psychology and enjoyed a 25-year career as a television and radio news journalist. She is an award-winning, accomplished motivational speaker, teacher, and trainer experienced in presenting on topics like ending sexual harassment and other forms of violence against women.

She is a former State Representative from District 9 in Tucson, a mental health counselor and personal life-coach. Before entering politics, Victoria was a master’s level professional counselor helping women struggling with trauma and addiction. She created the Native Ways program at The Haven, an award-winning substance use residential treatment program for Indigenous women.

Dedicated to fairness, equality and empowerment, Victoria works to inspire people and influence public decision makers to create positive change. She is devoted to the elimination off violence, poverty and social injustice.

She is a life-long feminist, who successfully fought for sex-education in her high school during the ‘70s. She is the co-founder of the Tucson Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) where she is highly active in advocating for women’s equality and empowerment.

Victoria is of Seneca/Mingo Native American and German ancestry. During her previous term in the legislature, she was on the board of the National Caucus of Native American State Legislators.

During her life and career – including in the Arizona State House – Victoria has proven that she is committed to be the voice for those who have none.

Victoria’s 5 Es

  • EDUCATION: Ensure that all Arizona children have the opportunity for a world-class public education by returning funding to our public schools
  • ECONOMY: Create good-paying jobs in Arizona for a thriving economy where everyone has the chance to succeed
  • ENVIRONMENT: Build a robust clean energy economy with solar, wind and other renewable energy sources, and protect the sustainability of our water
  • EQUALITY: Fight for justice, equal pay for equal work, and the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment
  • ELIMINATE GUN VIOLENCE: We have all lost far too many loved ones. Victoria is dedicated to developing sensible gun regulations.

Victoria considers the Arizona state budget a sacred document that should reflect our collective values. She will work tirelessly to make sure that budget is balanced to the benefit of all Arizonans and not on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens.

Because Victoria believes in the power of grassroots campaigning, she is running as a Clean Elections Candidate for Senate in LD 9.

She does not need money to run because this is a people-powered campaign. But she needs your help.  Join Us and Contact Us to learn how you can be part of turning Arizona blue and creating the progressive policy-driven state we deserve.

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