“My deep felt thanks to those of you who have put your faith in me with your endorsements.”


U.S. House of Representatives

Raul Grijalva – U.S. Representative

Ann Kirkpatrick – U.S. Representative

Ron Barber – Former U.S. Representative

Dennis DeConcini – Former U.S. Senator

Victoria has been a tireless fighter for Southern Arizona. As a career educator, her support for our kids and the schools they attend is of special importance to me. I am proud to endorse her re-election.

-Rex Scott

Arizona State Senate

David Bradley – Senate Minority Leader

Lupe Contreras – Senate Assistant Minority Leader

Lisa Otondo – Senate Minority Co-Whip

Jamescita Peshlakai – Senate Minority Co-Whip

Lela Alston – State Senator

Sean Bowie – State Senator

Andrea Dalessandro – State Senator

Sally Ann Gonzales – State Senator

Juan Mendez – State Senator

Tony Navarrete – State Senator

Martín Quezada – State Senator

Rebecca Rios – State Senator

Patricia Fleming – Former State Senator

Victor Soltero – Former State Senator

I like her work and the policies she supports. Additionally I am proud that she is a Native American legislator.

-Bill Risner

Arizona House of Representatives

Charlene Fernandez – House Minority Leader

Dr. Randall Friese – House Assistant Minority Leader

Andres Cano – State Representative

Kirsten Engel – State Representative

Rosanna Galbaldon – State Representative

Daniel Hernandez, Jr. – State Representative

Jennifer Jermaine – State Representative

Pamela Powers Hannley – State Representative

Athena Salman – State Representative

Raquel Terán – State Representative

Matt Heinz – Former State Representative

Matt Kopec – Former State Representative

Herschella Horton – Former State Representative

Tom Prezelski – Former State Representative

Bruce Wheeler – Former State Representative

Pima County Board of Supervisors

Richard Elias – Pima County Board Chairman

Sharon Bronson – Pima County Supervisor

Ramon Valadez – Pima County Supervisor

Dan Eckstrom – Former Pima County Board Chairman & Campaign Chairman

Her values are my values. I think she’s doing a terrific job and should be given a chance to continue.

-Jessica Andrews

Pima County Attorney’s Office

Barbara LaWall – Pima County Attorney

Tucson City Council

Jonathan Rothschild – Tucson Mayor

Regina Romero – Mayor Elect

Paul Cunningham – Tucson Council Member

Lane Santa Cruz – Council Member Elect

Richard Fimbres – Tucson Council Member

Nikki Lee – Council Member Elect

Steve Kozachik – Tucson Council Member

Shirley Scott – Tucson Council Member

Nina Trasoff – Former Tucson Council Member

Karen Uhlich – Former Tucson Council Member

Victoria Steele knows what it takes to get it done and she does it. She represents the people and works well with the other legislators.

-Dorianna Peterson

South Tucson City Council

Jennifer Eckstrom – Former South Tucson Mayor

Mary Soltero – Former South Tucson City Council Member

Sunnyside Unified School District

Eva Carrillo Dong – Governing Board Member

She is very Smart, Honest and she keeps her word. She has vision, integrity and a good understanding of what government can, and should do.

-Elaine and Bob Clark

Tucson Unified School District

Kristel Ann Foster – Governing Board Member

Adelita Grijalva – Governing Board President

She has been a hard working, compassionate, and thoughtful advocate for social justice and a fairer Arizona.

-Eric Schindler

Individual Endorsements

Dan Eckstrom – Campaign Chairman

Karen McGarrity – Campaign Manager

Ed Dunin-Wasowicz – Campaign Communications Director

Steven Dudick, MD – Campaign Field Director

Jessica Andrews

Nancy & Ron  Barber

Robert & Donna  Beers

Nicholas Boynton-Steele

Roberta Brack

Andrew Broan

Elizabeth K Campbell

Monica Casper

Gabriella Cázares-Kelly – Indivisible Tohono

Elane & Bob Clark

Brian & Patty Clymer

Michellle Crow

Edward Curley

Dino and Elizabeth Murfee DeConcini

Connie DeLarge

Elsa DeWitt

Susan Dodd

Bob Dorson

Damien Dunin-Wasowicz

Jeremy Dunin-Wasowicz

Frances Erunez

Joy Fisher

Marisol Flores-Aguirre

Rene Friedkin

Vicki & Tommy Gee

Tricia Gerrodette

Louise Good

Roxanna Green

Ramona & Raul Grijalva

Elizabeth and Tony Hartley Nicoletti

Arthur Herbst

Liane Hernandez

Wendell Hicks

Penelope Jacks

Joni & Gary Jones

Don Jorgensen

Alex Kack – Green Shirt Guy

Kim Khoury

John Skip Laitner

Paul & Karen LeSage

Jan Lesher

Roxie Lopez

David John Madden

Ronnie Maestas-Condos

Dr. Michele Manos

Linda Mazon Guiterrez

Dorianna Peterson

Rex Scott

Eric Schindler

Robb Smith

Regina Suitt

Molly McGovern

Christina McVie

Luci Messing

Elizabeth Murfee

Stephen Murray

Jim Notestine

Dominic & Myriam Ortega

Christina Phillips

Stephen T. Portel

Adam Ragan

John Rantschler

Matthew Rein

Chesney Richter

Bill Risner

Jeffrey Rogers

Joel Sadowsky

Joan & David Safier

Rudy Saldivar

LeeAnne Savage

Nathaniel Sigal

Cynthia Tig Gardiner

Jeanne Tillemans

Rick Unklesbay

Mercy Valencia

Donald Wallace

Joan Weimer

PK Weis

John Yoakum

Jimmy Zuma & Suzanne Bond

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